What Can We Learn From Divergent?

Divergent. A dystopian blockbuster of 2014. You wouldn’t think it would portray important ideologies about life. But is does.

For those unfamiliar with the story, here’s how it goes. 16 year old Tris Prior lives in a society which divided into 5 factions; Dauntless, Abnegation, Candor, Amity and Erudite. Each faction is classified by its aptitudes and values, dedicated to keeping the peace.  However, Tris, on her Choosing Day, transfers to another faction, discovering the disorder and increasing conflict between the factions. In order to survive she must save who she loves, and use her strengths to reveal the underlying truths about their society. Tris must break free from society’s conformities in order to thrive and endure. She’s divergent. But what does that actually mean?

Divergence is the nature of being different, or developing in a different direction. It’s about being an individual and not conforming to society’s stereotypes. However, there are often things that we can learn from these stereotypes and take with us on our journey. Just like Tris when she takes different values from each of the factions.

So what can we learn from the factions?

Abnegation. This faction leads a simple life. Wearing grey to be less noticeable, they are selfless and dedicated to helping others. They believe that their undoing will be a result of self-obsession. Therefore they reject vanity and self-indulgence as they sustain the peace by eliminating selfishness. Maybe if we were a bit more like abnegation, and put others before ourselves, the world would be more peaceful.

Dauntless. A faction blaming cowardice for society’s problems. They believe in ordinary acts of bravery, and shouting for those who cannot. They acknowledge fear, and deny it the power to influence their actions, whilst also believing it necessary to fight for peace. Maybe if we were all a bit more dauntless, and stand up for those who can’t, the world would know social justice.

Candor. Mistaken for being loud and obnoxious, candor values order. The black and white clothing they wear, symbolises their belief in the truth and honesty. They never lie, and are taught to always speak their mind. They reject duplicity and deceit, believing they are human nature’s flaw. Maybe if we were a bit more candor, and spoke the truth, the world would see the benefits of authenticity.

Amity. Their lives revolve around harmony and kindness. Always smiling, their lives are free of conflict and sadness. According to amity, forgiveness is key. Unanimously voting on everything, they are a democratic faction that dislikes war and hositlity. Maybe if we were a bit more like amity, and were more kind to one another, the world might unite as one.

Erudite. Seen as the ‘smart’ ones, Erudite value knowledge and logic. Accusing ignorance as society’s downfall, the Erudite regard intelligence and wisdom of high significance. They believed the incorrect should be corrected and the correct confirmed. Maybe if we were a bit more like Erudite, and weren’t so oblivious, the world might right its wrongs.

 As a society we need to learn to not restrain people as it may diminish their sense of self-worth. We need to lift others up and spread positivity to create an optimistic society.

Enjoy the sunshine x


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