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The Art Of Procrastination 

Before I begin, I believe it appropriate for you to now bow down to your queen. That is, Queen of procrastination! I could quite possibly win the universal championship of procrastination… Blindfolded, backwards, and standing on one leg! In fact, the very reason I started this blog was the result of procrastination. So what is it? And why does it consume us like a virus?!!! 

I define procrastination as ‘the art of distracting yourself to the point that the distractions become priority’. And as you can see, this blog has definetly become a priority! 

You trick your mind into thinking that what you’re doing is important, often resulting in time – mismanagement and that sad feeling after a day of procrastinating. 

I saw this picture and I’m unsure of the author but it said ‘It’s not a Sunday unless you completely waste it and feel sad at around 8pm’. IT IS SO ACCURATE. 

So while I sit here procrastinating, (and by that I mean not studying for my mid-course exams) I am trying to think of helpful tips for you guys. But as you can probably guess, I am really having no success at the moment! So while I think up some great tips (THAT WORK),  let me know in the comments about what you do to stay on task! Because I. Need. Help. 

Anyways, I know his post really had no meaning but I hope you can relate! So long and don’t forgot to… Wait, sorry I’ve forgotten – had to check my Instagram! 

Enjoy the sunshine x


4 thoughts on “The Art Of Procrastination 

  1. I can definitely relate to procrastination…. and it’s funny that you named this post “The Art of Procrastination”…because that’s one of the things I procrastinate on the most – my art. However, when I do start on an art project, and my hands allow me to create a piece of art without “freaking out” (I have sensitive hands…maybe neuropathy. Doctors are still doing tests… >.<), I NEVER stop. Even if I started at 12am and the hours are passing, the sun is already starting to come up… I don't stop until my body forces me to by not allowing me to keep my eyes opened XD Anyways, you're not alone. 🙂


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