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Why Holidays are Awesome!

I’m currently on Autumn break and I only have a few days left before heading back to school… I was getting a little disappointed at why they were ending so soon but then had a change of mind and decided to tell myself all the great things about holidays! So without further or do lets get into the top 15 reasons why holidays are awesome!

  1. You can wear Pyjamas 24/7 and nobody cares.
  2. You can sleep in… everyday.
  3. You can work at your own pace – or not at all.
  4. Movies
  5. Books
  6. Late nights, early nights, whatever floats your boat!
  7. You can do all the things you don’t have time for during the term
  8. Did I mention movies?
  9. Exploring
  10. You now have time to try out that homemade face mask
  11. Can try those delicious recipes you find but never have time for.
  12. Road trips
  13. Netflix catch up? Yes pleaseeee
  14.  Plenty of time to unwind
  15. More time to read sunshinecraving hahahaha

I hope this post inspired you to appreciate and be grateful for your holidays, they don’t come around very often! Let me know in the comments why YOU love holidays!!

Enjoy the sunshine x


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