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Whats on my iPhone?

Hey there!

So funny story… today I brought my phone to school, which I do everyday so whatever… Anyway it came to the end of the day and I was like ‘Omg my mum’s going to kill me I’ve lost my phone!’. So I looked in my locker, my classrooms, the school office, the staffroom, even my pocket! Then I had an epiphany and realised that my phone was in my bag the whole day! I know that’s not the funniest of stories but if you knew me personally its kind of typical of me! I have a great long-term memory but a not-so-good short-term!

So I thought I’d do a ‘What’s on my iPhone?’ and let you guys know my current favourite and not-so-favourite apps!

I am one of those people who hates messes and so I like t keep my phone tidy! I have a folder for Reference, Social, Productivity, Utilities, Game, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Photography.

Photo 19-04-2015 8 17 18 pm

My first folder reference is basically search engines, along with google translate (I’m studying Japanese) and Photomath. DO YOU GUYS USE PHOTOMATH? It is awesome. Like seriously, you scan an algebraic question from your textbook and not only does it give you the answer, but a step by step, colour coded method! Great for those ‘Can’t be bothered to do my maths homework’ nights!

Photo 19-04-2015 8 17 22 pm

Next is my favourite folder, social. So just the usual really! Facebook, you can like my page here! Twitter, follow me here! I looooove Instagram I’m currently doing the #100happydays challenge! You should try it! For 100 days you post a picture that makes you happy! Gmail for emails, Youtube for my relaxtion time! (Let me know if you want a post about my favourite youtubers!)  Dropbox is super handy! I have a school laptop and a home laptop, so when you install dropbox on both computers, you save your files there and they are automatically on the other devices connected to your account! Telstra 24/7 is my phone credit app-nothing else to say there really! WordPress is pretty self-explanatory! hahah and Inbox is another gmail app!

Photo 19-04-2015 8 17 42 pm

Productivity I don’t use that often but Quizlet is very good! Its a studying app that allows you to create flashcards, then it tracks your progress as you study them by games, learning, spelling, matching etc! Metrotimer is a metronome app as mine broke 😦 One of my young piano students kept winding it up even though I’d old them to stop and now it dies after a couple of ticks! Oh well!

Photo 19-04-2015 8 17 48 pm

Again utilities,I  honestly don’t use at all so I won’t waste your time!

Photo 19-04-2015 8 17 52 pm

I recently just deleted most of my games because i was running out of storage! When will they make a 1TB phone?!?! I NEED IT. But my favourites are 2048 and Piano tiles!

Photo 19-04-2015 8 18 07 pm

Newstand I don’t really use as I’m more of a hard-copy book person! Like I said before I have hardly any space left on my phone therefore I have no videos stored on there! Shazam i use all the time! for those of you who don’t know, you press shazam and it listens to whatever song is playing and will tell you the artist and song title, and then links to iTunes. I love it, it comes in really handy in the car especially, or even watching movies! Game Center I do not use… Then Tabs is the Ultimate Guitar app, (I also play guitar), and it just basically is a search engine for the tabs of songs!

Photo 19-04-2015 8 18 24 pm

Stocard is amazing also! For those of you who do not like carrying bulky wallets of purses, this is for you! It scans your loyalty and membership cards onto your phone so when you are at the shops, they just scan you phone! Sleep cycle is a good app, it records your sleeping patterns although I dont realy have a problem with sleeping so I don’t really use it! It also records you if you sleep talk! And lastly Couch to 5k is a running app, aiming to get you off the couch and running 5 kilometres (3.1 miles) in 9 weeks! I haven’t started yet but I plan too I swear!

Photo 19-04-2015 8 18 29 pm

Finally my photo editing folder! Whitagram is great – it turns your photos into square sizes for Instagram and also has some really good editing features as well! Snapseed is good although i think its meant for really needs high quality photos so I don’t use it that often! Wordswag is ah-mazing! As you can see all my featured images – (the one under the title!) are made using wordswag! Afterlight is probably my favourite editing app check out my review here PicPlayPost I don’t use that often as it is for videos and I don’t take that many! Perfect 365 is basically a face photo-shopping app that applies makeup and all that jazz to your face. Layout is a new app by Instagram that is just collage templates for Instagram Pictures! (Handy though) And Hyperlapse is another Instagram app where you video something it speeds it up really fast!

I hope you enjoyed that tour of my iPhone and let me know what your favourite apps are! I enjoyed writing this post so like it if you liked it! hahaha until nextime…

Enjoy the sunshine x


6 thoughts on “Whats on my iPhone?

  1. I love quizlet! Without it, I don’t know how I would survive German and Japanese classes. I might check out Hyperlapse, it seems like a really good app! I have heard of Photomath but I have been using a website called Mathway, which is also really good for maths!

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