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Weekly Reading Challenge!

Hey there!

So recently my friend and I have started between us a weekly reading challenge. And it is pretty much exactly as it sounds! Each week we chose a book for each other and we must read it within the week. So far it has been going well, we have been reading for 5 weeks now! Although I assure you I was reading well before that as well!

Reading for me is soooo relaxing, I read before bed to unwind and it seems to work! It’s also great as most books that I’m reading are being turned into movies in the next couple of years that I’m really excited for! Especially the last two movies of Allegiant from the Divergent Series! Click here to see what I thought about Divergent!

At the moment for the challenge I’m reading ‘Alice in la la land’ by Sophie Lee. I’m about halfway through that book and will definitely let you know what I though about it when I finish! Let me know if you’ve heard of ‘Alice in la la land’… I’d never heard of it before!

Also be sure to comment what books you’re reading at the moment as my reading pile is dwindling!

Enjoy the sunshine x


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