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General Update!

Hey there!

Its officially the start of winter! And for some of you that means the start of summer! But its sooooo cold here today! Like freezing… My ears feel like they’re about fall off, my hands are numb and I think I can feel the liquids inside of me turning to ice! Hahah anyway this is just a general update so I’m gonna get started!

First of all you may have noticed a new theme?! Well, I was just a bit tired of the old one which was Motif if you’re wondering. This one I’m using now is Penscratch and I must say that I am enjoying its simplicity. I like to have a sidebar for the widgets without you all having to go searching for them so that’s a plus!

Secondly I’ve just surpassed 500 views and 75 followers which even though may not sound like a lot, for someone (me) who hasn’t been very consistent and regular with blog posts is still pretty cool! This brings me to my next point!

I am going to try and be more consistent with blogging routine. I’m thinking twice a week minimum? Wednesdays and Saturdays are sounding good at the moment and there may be a few spontaneous posts every now and then to keep you on your toes! hahaha 😉

Sooooooo I think that’s all I have to say at the moment (I’m sitting here writing this in my study lesson at school and there are other students outside the window dancing for P.E!) I’m going to get back to my Japanese now and I’ll talk to you guys on Wednesday!

P.s leave a comment down below of your  favourite WP themes, next time I fell like a change I’ll check them out!

Enjoy the sunshine x


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