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Benefits of Fresh Air and Sunshine!

Hey there!

Surprised to hear from me? I know its not Wednesday but I felt that I really needed to post today – you know when you just get the urge?? Anyway… Its currently the 8th day of Winter here, but believe me, it does not feel like it! The 1st of June did for sure, there was frost and it was 0 Degrees Celsius when I left for school!  But these past couple of days have literally felt like spring. The suns out and its that kind of weather where you could wear jeans and a sweater or shorts and a T-shirt! I LOVE IT! I’ve always thought of myself as someone to love the cold (that’s when i was born), but recently I feel as though the warm weather is soooo good!

So as I sit outside in the warmth of the sun, I thought I’d conduct some research as to why outside currently has me feeling so good! With that here are the a.m.a.z.i.n.g benefits of fresh air and sunshine!

Fresh air. Its great isn’t it? It really does make you feel more alive compared to that stale air inside our homes.

  • Fresh air cleanses the lungs.
  • It allows for deeper breaths in which your body will inhale more oxygen which  leads onto my next point…
  • More oxygen means more energy! Yay, now I don’t have to make myself a coffee!
  • Fresh air also helps clear your mind. You will think better as the nature around you soothes and calms your soul.
  • And lastly, the increased inhalation of oxygen allows for the better transportation of the wonderful hormone serotonin throughout your body – releasing feelings of wellness as your start to feel more relaxed and refreshed!

Sunshine. Its why I’m here really? (Sunshine Craving…) Well it turns out I was onto to something!

  • Only half an hour of sunshine is nearly enough for your daily Vitamin D intake!
  • Sunshine boosts your immunity. Feeling sick? Head outside for 10 minutes and soak up the sun rays!
  • Vitamin D is good for your eyes, preventing the onset of some not-so-good vision impairments.
  • Getting some rays in the morning is said to help you sleep better.
  • You will feel better due to yet again, serotonin!
  • And sunshine also helps reduce stress and symptoms of depression and anxiety!

Well if those are not enough reasons to go outside right now, I don’t know what is! hahaha!

Outside time really is amazing though. There’s nothing wrong with a little Sunshine Craving…

Enjoy the sunshine x


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