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My Birthday!

Hey there!

You all don’t know how terrible I feel for not posting yesterday!!! I have a good reason though I swear! Well, as you can probably tell, it has something to do with Birthdays… Yesterday I had a Bonfire with all of my friends and family and I got a little preoccupied getting ready/preparing etc etc… So sorry about that!

I had a lovely night! My friends came over earlier and we had ourselves a merry little campfire – my friend made me the game ‘Guess who’- with all of out faces on it. It was hilarious! Do you know what the game is?? I’ll put a link here

Then later all of my family came over, we had a d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s barbecue, courtesy of my parents, and then the bonfire and marshmallows to follow!

Here are some pictures from the night!


Attempted Charlie’s Angels Pose


It’s supposed to be a bonfire cake!


Our little campfire by the house 

I’m so grateful to have wonderful friends and family to celebrate special occasions like this! I was spoilt and I’m very thankful for all of the lovely gifts I received!

Enjoy the sunshine x


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