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Quote of the day, 100 followers, concerts?

Hey there!

shhh I know I’m a day late again! It’s been a really hectic week… two 3 hour concerts, and a 3 hour music lesson later…

Guys, 100 followers! That is crazy. I honestly have trouble believing that 100 of you like, and want to keep reading my posts! Thank you all so much – next goal – 200! Woohoo 😀

Photo 18-06-2015 5 26 16 pm

Anyway, today’s post is a quote of the day and I would love to thank one of my friends for giving me this cute little box set of quotes for my birthday last week – you inspired my post! You can find these boxed set of quotes here if you’re wondering!

“A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery while on a detour.” – author unknown

I love this quote. If this doesn’t perfectly describe life then I don’t know what does. When are we ever really heading straight from A to B? Plans, people and things change. You are always going to be on a detour. But it’s how you take the detour in your stride, and how you let it affect you or your day in which defines you as a person.

Will you let it upset you? Or put you in a bad mood? Or will you just let it go? You have no control over it so why worry about it? (I touched on the ‘worrying’ previously, click here to check it out!)

Life is not always going to go to plan. How boring would it be if it did? No surprises, no let downs, no change, no LIFE. But remember that its OK. Its okay to feel disappointed, or sad, but don’t let it affect how you see the now. Live in the moment because life is about adventures. Don’t you think it’s cool not knowing where life is going to take you?

Photo 18-06-2015 5 44 26 pm

So enjoy the scenery that life offers, for it may not always be around.

Enjoy the sunshine x


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