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Why music is amazing!

Hey there!

I’m on holidays!!! Finally its been a long term coming… Exams, assessments, more exams, performances, its been really hectic! So I am SO glad to be finally on a break! Awesome things have happened this past week though… My band’s Facebook page reached over 500 likes – which we all think is really cool!

Which leads me onto my next point –> MUSIC.

We all love it. I mean really, is there anyone who doesn’t?? We all have our favourite genres, artists and band and whatnot, but its all the same. Its music. We use it to relax, to get hyped, to meditate, to sleep, to get ready, to cheer ourselves up… Its like some amazing miracle drug!

According to greatist.com here are some of what I think are the coolest benefits of music…

  1. Music can help reduce our perceived intensity of pain.
  2. Music can improve our motivation and performance when working out. (I think this is because we can no longer here ourselves dying…)
  3. Improve our quality of sleep by listening to classical music.
  4. Music can help reduce stress by releasing things known as bio-mechanical stress reducers…
  5. It can suppress symptoms of depression.
  6. Listening to music can lift our mood. Mainly because it’s freaking awesome dancing to it.
  7. Music can improve performance in high-pressure situations.
  8. It has the same effect on our bodies as a massage. (WHAT)

I’m sitting here listening to music right now as I write this post and I thought I’d share with you my current ELEVATE MOOD playlist! So here goes:

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no painBob Marley

Enjoy the music x


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