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DIY First-Driver’s gift Packs!

Hey there!

So a while ago now I got my driver’s license along with a couple of my other friends. Their birthday was coming up and I was trying to think of a practical yet cute gift to give them when I came across this idea on Pinterest. I thought it was a GREAT idea. It is a “First Driver’s Emergency Survival Kit” which is basically a kit that holds solutions for our ‘petty’ emergencies!! So today I thought that I’d show you all how to make and personalize your very own!

Step 1:

Choose a cute box that will serve as the storage. In this case my friends were twins and therefore I chose two boxes that reflected their personalities! They were about 10 x 5 inches in size.


Step 2:

Choose your ingredients! They can literally be anything that you want them to be however this is what I went with…


Step 3:

Arrange everything nicely in your chosen box.


Step 4:

Add Ribbon!!!


Step 5:

This step is optional but for the final touch I decided to draw a draw up a label and thread it onto the end of the ribbon!


And there you have it, you’re very own survival kit which can be easily stored in the car or the same thing may even work for a school or work locker!


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy DIY gift idea!

Enjoy the sunshine x


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