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Redesign? Giveaway? Domain name?

Hey there!

You may be wondering why in the world my blog looks a little different. Or you may not be wondering. Whatever you’re wondering about, take your time now to refocus your thoughts to this post!

My blog sunshinecraving has undergone a few changes and I’m very excited to tell you all about them. The first is kinda big. I got my own domain name! Yes, I know I’m super excited about it as well. I just thought that it was time to ramp things up a bit with this blog as I really enjoy what I do! So there’s that.

Second thing is I changed the theme and the colour palette and stuff like that. I’m quite enjoying it at the moment, what do you guys think? Pleaseeeee let me know in the comments! I’m not sure if it is a bit too girly or not but I think we all need a pop of colour in our lives am I right?! Nevertheless I am thinking of changing it again soon to more Christmas/Holiday colours and ideas!

Speaking of Christmas..(does anyone else just get overly excited when they hear that word???) I am thinking of running a countdown and potentially having a Christmas Giveaway for my followers hereeee

Yay! Okay guys I’m getting too excited so I’m going to have to let you guys go before I break something. Thanks for all the suppport!


Enjoy the sunshine x


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