Christmas Countdown

24 DAYS: Christmas Countdown!

Hey there!

Its officially, according to my countdown on the sidebar widget if you scroll down – 24 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS. So happy first day of summer to those in the southern Hemisphere! And also a shout-out to those in which today was their first day of winter ..(sorry!)

You’ll have noticed that I changed my blog theme (again sorry I know) however it is Christmassy in order to mark the 1st of December which begins my¬†Christmas Countdown! The idea of this countdown is to:

  1. Countdown to Christmas.
  2. Post Christmas related posts everyday until Christmas.
  3. Countdown to Christmas.

Anyways… The blog posts I’ll being publishing will include things like Gift Ideas, Xmas inspired recipes, Christmas Fashion, Decor, Playlists, etc, etc.

And don’t forget, my Christmas Giveaway is also coming up so stay tuned and check back everyday so you don’t miss out!

Enjoy the sunshine x


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