Christmas Countdown

15 DAYS: Hack your Christmas!

Hey there!

Firstly, can we just all take a moment to acknowledge that my blog is snowing and that this is the closest thing I will get to a ‘White Christmas’ here is Aus!

Secondly, this is my 50th blog post on Sunshine Craving!!

And finally, who loves Christmas but is too ashamed to admit that sometimes everything gets a little much?! NOT TO WORRY! This Christmas hacks will have you handling Christmas like Santa Clause in no time!

Need quick name or place cards? Candy canes have you sorted! 


Find yourself running low on baubles? Use a filler to take up space!


Have ornaments with no storage? Use plastic cups glued to cardboard! 

DSC00001 (2)

Want to get rid of wrapping paper in xmas pics? Cover a bin with paper!


Can’t be bothered to put up a tree? Use Christmas cards instead! 

Make a "tree" using all the Christmas cards you've received.

Don’t have any Christmas tags? Use photos instead! 

Use photographs instead of gift labels.

Want a realistic Gingerbread tree? Dip grape stems in Chocolate! 

Dip grape stems in chocolate to make realistic trees for a gingerbread house.

Want some ‘WOW’ decor? Use balloons and plastic cups! 

Make an awesomely gigantic garland with balloons, plastic cups, and ribbon.

Running out of room on your floor? Use wine crates to store paper!

Missing that ‘something’ in your kitchen! Its frosty the fridge! 

Snowman Refrigerator! I'm sorry, I think this is so cute. I don't know why.... who wouldn't love this?

Needing more inspiration? Check out these links below!

I hope you enjoyed this post. The limits for Christmas hacks are endless and it was hard narrowing down to just 10!

Enjoy the sunshine x


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