Christmas Countdown

12 DAYS: Things to do when you’re bored during the holidays!

Hey there!

I’m back again and gladly not in the early hours of the morning! I’ve nearly recovered from my PCSD (Post Concert Stress Disorder) and the tiredness that comes from standing/jumping/dancing/screaming for 4 solid hours. So thank you Taylor Swift and of course Vance Joy for one of the best nights of my life! Shout out to Taylor ‘cos its her B’day today and I think she’s amazing!

Anyways, today’s post is all about preventing boredom. During the festive season it can get really busy and hectic. However, sometimes it can be the complete opposite; boring. So you’ve decorated your house, your garden and your room, you’ve baked all the Christmas goodies, you’ve listened to carols, you’ve done all your gift shopping and wrapping AND you’ve gone around your town to look at the Christmas lights. So now what? Well I have a few ideas up my sleeve that are bound to keep you entertained until Santa comes!

  1. Read a book – we all love relaxing and there is nothing better than immersing yourself in a wonderful story-line and interacting with different characters! Whether its a holiday-themed book or your average novel, pick one!
  2. Learn a language – I recently found an app for my iPhone called Duolingo. Basically it is a free language tool that teaches you anything from French to Italian to Danish you name it! It’s a really great app and I can proudly tell you that as of now I am 3% fluent in Italian and 2% fluent in Spanish! And who knows, a new language may even come in handy one day!
  3. Start an on-going project – Whether its a blog or a YouTube channel, creative outlets will keep you busy! Not to mention they are fun and may even spark paths for your future! Also, they become a great platform to share your ideas, thoughts and opinions will others all around the globe!
  4. DIY – See all those boards you have saved on Pinterest? All the screenshots of cute things things from Instagram? Now is the time to give it all a go! Put on your  DIY hat and complete them! It may be spicing up your room decor, organizing your jewellery or even making a table, but I can guarantee the feeling of accomplishment that will occur after will be the same and far worth it!
  5. Write/Send letters – So you have a lot of time to spare? Great. Grab your fancy paper, your most beautiful gel pens and start writing! Sending Christmas greetings to people you don’t see often is a great way to reconnect and continue your relationship with them. Maybe its a cousin, or a friend, or your Grandma’s third cousin twice removed,  but hey, I’m pretty sure they’ll appreciate your gesture all the same!


And that’s the extent of my advice today, in 9 minutes it will be tomorrow and I want to try and fall asleep today for once hahaha!

Let me know in the comments what you do when boredom strikes!

Enjoy the sunshine x


2 thoughts on “12 DAYS: Things to do when you’re bored during the holidays!

  1. You have no idea how much I need this post! I think you’re Australian (but I may be completely wrong?) so you’re having summer holidays at the moment too, right? And that can be relaxing, but also incredibly boring… Hopefully some of these will help! 🙂

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