Christmas Countdown

11 DAYS: My Christmas Traditions!

Hey there!

Christmas is a great time of year. It is a season filled with family, friends, food and fun! But celebrated all around the globe, there are bound to be many different traditions that people take part in. So today I thought that I’d share with you the things I do during the Christmas season and give you an insight into my Australian Christmas!

Usually around 2 weeks before Christmas, all schools finish for the year and end with about 6 weeks of summer holidays. That’s what I’m enjoying now hahaha! Following the end of school I like to give myself a bit of a break from studying and treat myself with a couple of days of rest where I just enjoy the company of my family and potentially binge watch some Netflix!

After completing my Christmas shopping, I’ll gladly wrap my presents and anyone else’s for that matter, because it gives me an excuse to listen to Christmas music and we all know how much I love that!

If Christmas is being celebrated at my house (which it it this year), Christmas Eve will usually involve some last minute cleaning and tidying, as well as preparing lunch for the big day ahead. Christmas lunches are pretty big in Australia, seeing as it is usually quite warm and families and like to enjoy a big BBQ outside! I mentioned this is a previous post, but during the evening of Christmas Eve I like to enjoy the live carols on the TV and have myself a little sing-a-long! Or, if the rest of my family is involved, we will usually watch a Christmas movie and open only one present each from under the tree!

Christmas Day Yay!! Waking up on Christmas day has to be one of the best feelings doesn’t it? Often my sister and I are the first ones up and we are allowed to open our stockings before everyone else wakes. Then we’ll open our open gifts with the rest of the family, clean up and then get ready for the day! Oh, and also, we ALWAYS listen to the Muppet’s Christmas album that morning, no matter how annoying it may seem!

So they are my Christmas traditions and the things that will be most likely occuring in about one and a half weeks time!

Let me know where you guys and from and what you and your family do during the holiday season – I’d love to know and learn about other cultures!

Enjoy the sunshine x




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