Christmas Countdown

10 DAYS: De-stress this Christmas!

Hey there!

So Christmas is like 10 days away? What?!!! This year has gone way too fast. And when the year goes fast it usually means that we’re busy. And when we’re busy, that can usually lead to stress and stress is bad; especially in the holiday season. Christmas is all about kicking-back and enjoying the company of friends and family, so the last thing we want in our lives is stress! Here are some of my tips to reduce stress and encourage fun this Christmas!

  1. Enjoy your Christmas shopping. Don’t go on Christmas Eve or on other busy days when there are likely to be loads of people there. Pick days and hours that are less popular and take your time. Explore every aisle, go to every shop and going on your own my be a good option as well. It saves you from having to deal with other people’s plans and opinions, not to mention you won’t have to worry about hiding their present from them!
  2. Start gift wrapping days before Christmas. This saves you the stress of running out of paper/ribbon and allows you to enjoy the somewhat therapeutic process!
  3. Sing-a-long to Christmas carols – They’re bound to relieve all that stress you have building up inside!
  4. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a gift as well! It’s nice to buy ourselves something nice once in a while!
  5. Don’t fret over the little things. You can’t find matching ribbon for your paper? Don’t use ribbon! It’s these little incidents that accumulate and we start to believe that everything has gone wrong, when in reality they that have no impact in the big scheme of things!

I’m running out of tips! What are some of your ways that you reduce stress during the holidays?

Enjoy the sunshine x


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