Christmas Countdown

8 DAYS: Christmas Shopping Made Easy!

Hey there!

I had a pretty busy day today, but guess what?! I finished all of my Christmas shopping! I only had to buy five gifts today but within hours I had completed the task that at the start of the day seemed somewhat impossible! So here I am now, sharing my wise and knowledgeable advice, from one shopper to another, hoping that my near *traumatic* experience will help guide others in the direction of rightful shopping.

  1. Make a list. This will save your life. I swear. Whether its on your phone, or a good old-fashioned paper note, writing out all the people you need to buy for will save you the headache once you’re in the shopping centre!
  2. Use the process of elimination. Start with the easy ones first, people that you know exactly what you’re buying them. I can say with some confidence that this will in most cases, nearly halve your list!
  3. Ask the people to make a wish-list! This way you know exactly what they want – no mucking around!
  4. Don’t forget that gift vouchers exist! These are a great last minute gift idea. Due to the very wide variety, you can tailor the voucher to your person’s likes (or dislikes?!) which shows that you did put some thought into their gift!
  5. Don’t stress! Even if the gift only is small, it’s the thought that counts right?

So that’s pretty much the extent of my shopping advice for this year! But hey, it worked for me – who’s to say it won’t for you?! Good luck with your gift-shopping this year! Remember – only 8 days left, better get cracking!

Enjoy the sunshine x




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